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Get it on low price, sell on high price.

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The CloudStack Global Community was created to develop community members and enhance EcoSystem in the future. 

Welcome to CloudStack CLSK Community

Welcome to the Cloudstack CLSK Global Community. We are very pleased to invite you to join CloudStack CLSK Global Community. It was designed for all community members to enjoy great[…]

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CloudStack CLSK

  CloudStack CLSK were designed to only available for 100 Million tokens and was generated based on ERC20 format. Created on November 1, 2019 and it can be stored on[…]

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Reward & Promotions

Good News for CloudStack CLSK Community members! We would like to appreciate you as well as your efforts to promote and expand our community. Therefore we have created a variety[…]

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Get it on low price, sell it on high price.

Buy Low, Sell High

What buy low, sell high means

The strategy behind buying low and selling high relys on trying to time the market. Buying low means trying to determine when price at bottom and purchase token in the hope of them going up. Conversely, selling high relies on figuring out when the market has hit its peak. Once token have hit their maximum value, investors sell their token and reap the rewards.

How to follow a buy low, sell high strategy

Those looking to buy low follow the price fluctuations of certain token, sectors, or the entire market. It is important to look at token prices over time to account for any short-lived price drops or bumps. This shows the general direction of token over time.
Looking at historical prices for a token and current market conditions, investors try to determine when token have gone low enough to constitute a buy signal.


Our Great Opportunities

Internationally coordinated non-governmental global community promoting Ethereum Blockchain technology and implementing a new proprietary STAKGEN cloudstaking algorithm.

CloudStack CLSK Information

Total Supply : 100,000,000
Total Distribute : 90,000,000
Contract Address : 0xBF3C268E7C7698882D1b8538d2c61C9C0077915C

Soft Cap : 30,000.000
Hard Cap : 80,000,000

Supported CloudStaking Wallet : COINBASE
Token Type : ERC20
Token Name : CloudStack
Token Ticker : CLSK
Token Decimal : 18

Public Sale PPT : USD$0.050 (Start : 1st Nov 2019)

Stakgen CloudStaking Algorithm

STAKGEN is an mechanism to control, manage and automate the process of ERC20 token staking including the distribution process. To do this, a special marker has been set-up to detect the volume of ERC20 based standard token within the specified cryptocurrency wallet. For the purposed of experiment, STAKGEN has been successfully ported for COINBASE wallet.

Porting and controlling the ERC20 token movement within the COINBASE wallet has been tagged with the marked ERC20 token (in the experiment, the usage of CloudStack CLSK token) being used.

Taking an advantage of Cloud services (Elastic) nodes and Ethereum Blockchain, STAKGEN being designed to be running as a Cloudstaking As A Service (CsAAS).

CloudStack CLSK Future Planning

CloudStack Community planned to create an EcoSystem for CLSK being used and function within the community.

First initiative is to create CLS Payment Gateway that encompass ETHEREUM ERC20 blockchain technology to ease and process payment gateway services to merchant.

Second initiative is to create a community marketplace for members to post item for sales or rent. These marketplace shall be designed on Ethereum Blockchain and incorporated CloudStack CLSK as the main utility token. This is called CLSK Decentralized Advertising Platform.

Third initative which were planned is CLSK Global Radius Server Management. It’s a global hotspot services.


You can send CLSK token to everyone who own a verified standard ERC20 wallet with a simple action, just need the recepient ERC20 certified wallet address. Our suggested wallet is COINBASE.



There are many Decentralized Exchanger out there that support ERC20 based token. Most recommended exchanger you can use LEDGERDEX, BAMBOORELAY, TOKENJAR, FORKDELTA to liquidate your CLSK token



CloudStack CLSK can be used to make a saving for yourselves. It’s look like some sort of fixed deposit whereby cloud staking functionality will be looked forwards as a mechanisme to earn “interest like additional token”. CloudStack CLSK used STAKGEN algorithm to be functioning.

Token Trading Monitor

0x Tracker has been monitoring the 0x protocol since 2017. It provides access to trading information, token pricing, visualizes trends, and aggregates ecosystem news.

Dapp Review

DappReview has been dedicated to providing valuable insights and industry trends through ERC20 token application data.

State Of The Dapps

Etherscan.io is the leading Block Explorer where users can lookup, confirm, and validate transactions that have taken place on the Ethereum Blockchain.


How To Start

Process Flows:
1. Register your account on BuyCLSK.com via your sponsor affiliate link.
2. Add your COINBASE Ethereum Wallet on the registration from. This is where you will get your CLSK token after order and payment has been done.
3. Register your affiliate account from your account dashboard. You will be needed to provide your USDT wallet address as payment for affiliate and/or any reward will be paid to.
4. Start promoting your affiliate link to others to enjoyed your more rewards and benefits.
5. Be alert on the Supercars lucky draw program. Read the info on the BuyCLSK.com website.

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With the cryptocurrency spreading link wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to BuyCLSK in search for CloudStack CLSK.


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